iPhone VS Android: The Main Differences Between the Two

The Difference with Different Functions?

If you want to know what the main differences are between the iPhone and the Android phones they are quite simple. By and large iPhone is fully controlled by Apple and has very strict criteria for use and the Android is more flexible and allows the use of various companies and stores.

    1. Firstly the iPhone is a complete phone that has been developed by Apple and is the first one of the smartphones that works in the same way as a computer and has a touch screen. The Android is not an actual phone but is the operating system that is Linux based and is provided by Google.

    2. When it comes to loading there is a difference between the two systems. 100 websites where checked and out of that 84 of them were loaded faster by Android leaving just 16 that were opened more quickly by Apple. With more and more people using their phones to browse the web, this is going to be an important issue.

    3. It seems that there is going to be a game of catch up played by Android as they are way behind Apple when it comes to the apps that they provide. There is little or nothing that Apple cannot provide and sometimes this will be free and sometimes there will be a charge. The Android Market is now starting to compete with the Apple App Store although they are still a long way behind as Apple have 500,000 apps compared to their 5,000.

Enjoy iphone future

Enjoy iphone future

  1. It is easier for Apple users to use the internet on the phone as there is a version of the iOS for each new release, whereas Android release a new version regularly and their users find it difficult to use the latest OS version.

  2. For social use the iPhone is much better for allowing users to share photographs and use blogs although through the social apps such as Twitter and Facebook, Android users are not being fully left behind.

  3. The iPhone has all the new developments made just for it and no other phones, whereas the Android will be used by many and needs to cover the needs of them all. This does not mean the Android is better or worse, but just that it is not as focused to one phone.

With the amount of new releases on both sides there should be an ideal phone for everyone.

iPhone vs. Android Showdown: Which

iPhone vs. Android Showdown: Which

Surviving a Divorce

Divorce is tough on both partners but it can be extremely traumatic for a woman since it means the end of a relationship that was her world for so many years. And if there are children in the picture, being a single parent can bring along its own new challenges.

While time is the best healer for a broken heart, it becomes important that we take responsibility to drive our life forward post a break up. With responsibilities to fulfill, one really can’t mourn the end of a relationship forever. While there can be no short cut to surviving a divorce, the following advice can surely make moving on a bit easier.

Explain to the kids

While we may think that kids are too small to understand a lot of stuff, they have a knack of picking up the smallest fight between parents, so they would have definitely picked up `on your separation. Hiding things from children doesn’t work anymore, so take time to explain to them why you had to take the decision and what it means for them.

Don't hide to anything to your child about your divorce

Don’t hide to anything to your child about your divorce

Accept reality

A separation can shake up even the strongest person and if you are feeling all shaken up, it is natural. However, you can make it easier on yourself by accepting that the relationship is over and that life will still go on. It is only a matter of time before you find happiness again.

Let down your guard

We may be known as strong individuals but there is a time in everyone’s life when they need the love and support of loved ones to get through a crisis. Seek out the people who love you – family, friends, colleagues – whoever you can share your feelings with. Sharing and letting people take care of you will help you let go of the bitterness and hurt and you will be able to see things in a new light.

Share your feeling with friends family and colleagues

Share your feeling with friends family and colleagues

Do not be self-critical

The reasons why your relationship had to end, the things that you did wrong or the things that you could have done right, you can keep going over analyzing the past but it will stop you from looking at the future which can be much brighter and happier. A relationship is the work of two people and by blaming yourself for all the mess, you are only over-burdening yourself.

Start afresh


Now that you are alone, you may have to work to support your family or work more than you have been doing. Adopt a fresh outlook towards life and explore new opportunities to learn and grow. From now on, you are answerable only to yourself and having an optimistic approach will help you cope with the changes that your divorce has brought about.

A divorce is not the end of life, for all you know; it may be a new beginning. So, rise and shine!!

Divorce is not the end of life make it more enjoyable

Divorce is not the end of life make it more enjoyable

Till death do us apart

When I hear the word death, I feel chill running down my spine. I know that death is scary and it leaves everyone around so gloomy and unhappy. But I have heard about warriors who have fought in wars and battles for their land and country and who had been proud and felt lucky to die for their country. How can someone be proud of dying for someone else? I could never understand this until I met a soldier and heard his views about death and how had he always dealt with deaths in his family. Dealing with death is the most challenging part of one’s life.

The soldier I met at my grandfather’s farmhouse was a decent and a graceful man. His face showed lines that made me think of all the hardships he must have gone through. The moment I met him, I could sense daring way to live a life, strength and hardships, loss and failure. I stared the conversation by asking about his son and he told me his wife and son had been murdered during the war fought in his earlier life. I was shocked and numb. I could not ask any further questions. The only thing I could utter was how he dealt with the loss. He told me that when his wife and son were murdered all he did was burry them and went back to fight the war for his country.

Death is a part of life

Death is a part of life

I never understood the way people think it was not a big deal to die during a war. I came to know that he used to weep all night and missed his family, until he read the diary of his wife. Then he stared dealing with the loss. He used to wake up every morning and visit their graves. He used to water his wife’s vegetable patch and made a baseball pitch for his son which he always wanted to, but never had time. He told me that he started teaching at a school in his town where his wife used to teach the same subject. This gave him a closer feeling to his wife. He regularly visited his son’s friends and made them tell him stories about his son, since he never had time to even tuck him into bed. I was amazed by his eagerness to be everywhere where his wife and son had been and to do everything they wanted to do.

I understood that day, that death is just another page in the book of life, but the only difference is that it is blank and looks unattractive, but the ones who love their departed ones, would never let that blank page left unfilled. I made a promise to myself, to tell my parents each and every day how much they mean to me and to always remind them that I will always be there for them. I had tears in my eyes, but the brave man had tears of happiness in his eyes as if he had just seen his wife and son come home again. 

Don't worry about death please be happy

Don’t worry about death please be happy

What Is The Best Way To Make A Band Get Discovered?

One of the traditions that many youngsters have followed over the years is starting up their own band. While many bands break up over time or simply do not succeed, others become quite famous and the members lead successful lives. Often enough, this happens when a band is ‘discovered’ by people who are influential in the music industry. However, it is not always a matter of coincidence to get your band fame and fortune. There are simple ways in which you can make a band get discovered!

To start with, every band needs a sound and image that is unique to them. This is what helps people in recognizing them and makes them famous in the years to come. For a band to become popular, they must work on creating a presence that suits them best and shows off what they are best at. Usually, this is something defined by genre but breaking out of the expected can also be a great way to make a band get discovered. One of the best people who can help you do so are agents familiar with the music industry.

Bands are quite popular in places such as bars and clubs, where they are called to perform. Auditions are held for the same and many times, people who have connections in the music industry tend to attend these. A band should attend as many auditions as they can, since you never know where or when lady luck may smile upon you. Alternately, participating in local or regional band nights is also a simple but effective way to make a band get discovered.

Use popular band and enjoy life

Use popular band and enjoy life

One of the best ways to get the name of your band out to the public is to have regular gigs. These can be at a public area where you can get permission to perform. You can also participate in local competitions, battle of the bands and register to play in gigs happen around town and the state. This keeps your name on everybody’s tongue. Add to this some social networking and promotion, and you can garner quite the fan base for your band. These fans can be crucial to attracting the attention of record companies.

Finally, once you are confident enough to write original songs, make a demo tape or CD and send it out to record companies through an agent. This is the direct route through which a band can get their name out and make a band get discovered.

Use social networking sites to promotion of you band

Use social networking sites to promotion of you band

Merits and Demerits of Bad Credit Credit Cards

Anyone with bad credit can attest that applying for credit cards can be difficult because many credit card companies deem it a risk to approve and give credit cards to such people. For this reason, many people turn credit card companies that offer credit cards to people with bad credit. Missing to make payments for loans or making them late, bankruptcy and any other debt related action by courts can end you with bad credit.

Bad credit credit cards are meant for people who have had financial difficulties and are considered to have a bad credit history or record. They find it difficult to get credit cards from standard credit card providers because they are a high risk. When this is the case, people seeking credit cards go to lenders who are likely to accept their applications. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of bad credit credit cards?

Advantages of Bad Credit Credit Cards

  • Of the many reasons why many people prefer credit cards for bad credit, being able to access credit cards even with poor credit sits at the top. Under normal circumstances, these people may not get their credit card applications approved.


  • With credit cards for bad credit, it is likely that you will be approved for a credit card without having to undergo a no-credit check.


    • With these cards, you can start rebuilding your credit history afresh and make it better. Credit cards with bad credit can help a person plan on accessing financial facilities such as mortgages and other types of loans if they use them well to build a good credit record.
Be aware from poor credit sits

Be aware from poor credit sits

Disadvantages of Bad Credit Credit Cards

  • Although credit cards for bad credit are a good way to build your credit history again, the interest rates that are charged on these cards are very high compared to those of standard credit cards. This is because you are considered a higher risk to the credit card company.


  • Some credit card companies issuing credit cards for bad credit turn down some applications. Particular issues that are related to your credit history may be used to determine if your application will be approved or not. Therefore, it is not automatic that you will get these credit cards on application.

If you have soaring debt problems, using a credit card for bad debt can lead to further problems with credit because the debts are likely to increase. Therefore, it is important to be careful on the way you use this type of credit card to avoid any further damage of credit.

Please be considered a higher risk to the credit card company

Please be considered a higher risk to the credit card company